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Lightning Fast
Manage Financial Data in One Place

Spend less time in excel and more time improving the company. Empower your finance executives and accountants with a modern software that produces fast, reliable, and accurate financial reporting data.
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Streamline your complete legal consolidation and reporting needs with innovative and modern technologies to create a fully integrated controlling platform.


Interface directly with 3rd party systems with our standardized data model which incorporates the principles governing an orderly accounting system.


Retrieve data at a transactional level with over 200 ready-to-use connectors to all major accounting systems to create a level of integration that is unparalleled.


Financial software shouldn’t require IT support. LucaNet’s user friendly design ensures it can be solely administered by financial and accounting personnel.



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Allow us to install the LucaNet system, giving you complete control of your financial records within a matter of weeks.

Built For Accountants
By Accountants

2,300 Customers

25,000 Users

50 Countries

400 Employees

LucaNet helps organizations to create a single platform for their financial reporting, consolidation, and planning needs. We create a single source of truth by directly integrating with all your financial data sources. Our user-friendly solution allows your organization to not be reliant on IT or external consultants. The LucaNet solution is implemented without requiring you to change your processes and is implemented in a matter of weeks instead of months.

Built by accountants for accountants, LucaNet is the right tool to empower your finance department to be a strategic business partner for your organization.

Toshiba Electronics
LucaNet helps to create a P&L, Balance Sheet, and Liquidity plan by ready-to-use planning forms, all with the push of a button
GmbH & Co. KG
Our consolidation is easier, faster, and error-free
GmbH & Co. KG
LucaNet has helped us to achieve greater levels of professionalism and data quality in our overall consolidation process. The connection to SAP went without a hitch, the interface is easy to operate and we can make postings directly in the LucaNet software itself.
It is quite simple for us: Information provides clarity. Clarity provides transparency. And transparency is the basis for trust. Therefore we have opted for LucaNet