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About LucaNet

A global enterprise focused on providing cutting edge corporate performance management software.


Originally founded in 1999 as a consulting company, we quickly saw the need in the market for a flexible financial reporting tool, designed for finance. Based on this we developed our concept of a completely integrated software for consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis. Central to our thinking was the idea that we needed to develop a product that could be administered by financial users and not IT.

Today LucaNet has an international presence – in the United States, China, Singapore, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, and the Ukraine. Well-known companies from all sectors, such as Condor, Toshiba, Rocket Internet, and Thai Union Food, are using our solution for financial reporting.


The company name LucaNet originates from one of the greatest Renaissance mathematicians: Luca Pacioli.

In 1494, this Italian monk was the first to write a treatise about the idea of double-entry accounting: Summa de Arithmetica, Geometria, Proportioni et Proportionalità. The book is recognised as a great mathematical work of its time, and contains elaborate descriptions of the accounting methodology, as it was used by Venetian merchants in the past. This type of double-entry accounting with the inventory, balance sheet, and profit and loss account has been applied worldwide until today, and we feel much indebted to this work.


With more than 1700 customers in 40 countries, we are one of the leading vendors in Corporate Performance Management software


With 250 employees in 11 countries, we can offer you global support 24 hours a day


Already active in the Corporate Performance Management market for 18 years, we understand your problems


We want to make your working life easier. To achieve this, we offer not only intelligent, battle-tested software, but also the necessary professional consultancy. After all, this is how we trace back our entrepreneurial roots, and this know-how flows back into our software. Our experienced consulting team assists you both with introducing our software and drawing up your corporate planning, financial consolidation, and reporting.

Managing Director

Robert Lawson is a native to Philadelphia and has been with LucaNet since 2015. Robert comes from a financial background working for 2 fortune 50 companies for nearly 10 years before transitioning to the LucaNet team as an International Business Manager. As part of the Management team for LucaNet North America, Robert is able to provide insight into the needs of US Financial Departments and brings the management skills necessary to operate in the US market.

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