02 Mar: The Spreadsheet Dilemma

What obstacles large and small does Microsoft Excel present in financial controlling and the creation of consolidated financial statements? And what should a quality CPM solution offer to address these issues?

23 Oct: For The CFO of Tomorrow

The CFO of tomorrow faces the challenges of combining the core responsibilities of cost management, risk management, and cash flow with the development of their enterprise’s overall strategy. How do they adapt? LucaNet offers insight into the changing role of the CFO.

09 Apr: LucaNet Prevails as Market Leader in 2018 BARC FPM Score

Not just small and medium-sized enterprises, but also large international enterprises take advantage of comprehensive solutions offered by LucaNet when it comes to the preparation of consolidated financial statements, planning, reporting, and analysis. This has been confirmed by the latest BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH. You can find out how professional FPM software can support your corporate management and how LucaNet, as market leader, can make your work life in financial quarters that much easier in the latest study from BARC (Business Application Research Center).

29 May: LucaNet Factsheet

LucaNet has been synonymous with intelligent software solutions and professional expertise in consolidated financial statements and controlling since 1999. Our aim is to simplify your day-to-day processes with the help of our financial performance management software. Find out how simple consolidation, planning, and analysis can be.

04 Mar: The BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH 2019

LucaNet is once again market leader in Financial Performance Management. The current BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH 2019 (for German-speaking Europe) once again underlines the strong portfolio of services offered by the LucaNet suite for data acquisition and validation, individual company and consolidated financial statement preparation, financial planning, and reporting.

18 Apr: Faster Close

How can the Group Accountant prepare accurate consolidated financial statements, efficiently, and quickly? All of the answers can be found in our white paper.

18 Apr: Efficient Financial Controlling for CFOs

What specific challenges are presented by the changes to the CFO’s role in an enterprise? And how can a CFO use a professional corporate performance management software solution to tackle the challenges of the current market efficiently? This white paper will provide you with valuable tips for your future practice.

07 May: Simply Intelligent – Client Magazine Issue 1 (2019)

How do you deal with stressful situations? In this new issue of our client magazine, you can read about what can be done against stress. Don’t stress – that’s the spotlight topic in this issue. Of course, you’ll also find further interesting LucaNet topics, like the article on predictive analytics and the interview with the head of the new Customer Relationship Management Team

08 Jul: LucaNet app Accounting for Leases

The IFRS 16 accounting standard represents a paradigm shift for companies for the recognition of leasing contracts on the balance sheet. Going forward, most leases are to become an integral part of a company’s balance sheet. The LucaNet app Accounting for Leases helps you to tackle these changes head-on.

14 May: Weidmann Case Study

To stay competitive on the global market, companies are under constant pressure to lower their costs and streamline their processes, especially consolidating financial statements. With this in mind, Weidmann made the decision to implement software from LucaNet.

09 Apr: Thai Union Case Study

Enterprises operating at an international level rely on preparing their consolidated financial statements efficiently and publishing their financial figures quickly. Yet complex group structures and ever-stricter reporting requirements put them in a hugely challenging position. This is why the Thai Union Group relies on LucaNet to design its complex consolidation process – so that it can achieve a fast close.

30 Sep: LucaNet North America LLC | Company Introduction

LucaNet gives you reporting flexibility, source-system integration, automation, budget vs actual comparison, and automatic cashflow generation. You get the time and insights you need to grow and direct your business. With LucaNet, you won’t spend time fighting the software or struggling to make the integration work. For us, it’s all about two things: simplicity and functionality.

26 Sep: International Partner Day 2019

On May 23 and 24, the Alte Börse Marzahn conference center opened its doors for our annual Partner Day. We had two fantastic days with a great blend of presentations, workshops, and lots of inspiring conversations.

30 Sep: LucaNet: International Partner Day

Reaching our goals together” is the idea behind our annual Partner Day where we invite our national and international partners to Berlin. The event aims to encourage the attendants to share ideas and information, shows new possibilities in the software and brings LucaNet and its partners closer together.

07 Sep: Financial Management Made Easy

Easily manage your company with software that delivers clear numbers to financial managers and makes everyday working life easier when it comes to consolidation, financial planning, analysis, and reporting. You’ll find the most important information about LucaNet in our corporate brochure.