Next stop: LucaNet 13 LTS! Look forward to these features

Despite the enormous challenges caused by the Corona pandemic, we have spared no effort to make your work with LucaNet software easier. With the publication of the latest long-term support release, i.e. the current, large LucaNet version with all cumulative features from the LucaNet 13 release train, you can look forward to the following highlights:

  • Data imports can be split
  • Detailed permissions for audit trails
  • New functions in LucaNet.Group Report
  • Improved communication in LucaNet.Group Report
  • User roles for LucaNet.Server Administrator

Read in detail which new functions LucaNet 13 LTS offers.

Data imports can be split

LucaNet 13 LTS offers you the option to split data imports into separate import files using a predefined folder structure.

Previously, all reporting units were imported into one import file. If a LucaNet user wanted to update the data of a single reporting unit, they would be obliged to re-import the data of all other reporting units as well. And this could take some time - especially for LucaNet users with many reporting units.

With the new function, reporting units can be updated separately. And that is an enormous performance advantage: Any future update can be carried out much faster because the data import does not have to be repeated completely as opposed to in the past.

Detailed permissions for audit trails

LucaNet 13 LTS offers you detailed permissions for audit trails. Incorrect operation as well as a lack of traceability and confusion about changes in audit trails are a thing of the past. From now on, you can assign individually fine-grained permissions - depending on the user's tasks - e.g. whether a user is allowed to create or delete audit trails for postings or exchange rates, to activate or deactivate audit trails, or to open and/or close periods. This detailed permission concept makes it possible to better control access to audit trails and to better track changes made.

New functions in LucaNet.Group Report

In LucaNet 13 LTS, the dialog for IC reconciliation is presented in a revised layout and with numerous new functions: Differences that may occur during foreign currency reconciliations can now be resolved automatically. In addition, threshold values of reconciliation differences for foreign currency reconciliations can now be specified as percentages. 

An additional new function automatically completes IC reconciliation when a specified date is reached, thus preventing subsequent changes to the IC reconciliation. 

Improved communication in LucaNet.Group Report

IC reconciliation and data collection in LucaNet.Group Report has been enhanced by way of convenient and efficient communication channels between editors and reconciliation partners. From LucaNet 13 LTS, the new chat function enables and simplifies direct communication between the partners for the various, individual differences in IC reconciliation.

In addition, from LucaNet 13 LTS onward, comments can be added for all fields of the IC reconciliation and of a cube. These comments help to add additional qualitative information for each field, which greatly facilitates internal communication between the editors.

User roles for LucaNet.Server Administrator

LucaNet 13 LTS offers the option of defining certain administrator roles using permissions, e.g. system administrator, database administrator, or system tester. There are no roles predefined by the software, but it is possible to set up roles using permissions, i.e. by restricting access to the various workspaces or limiting the actions that can be performed, such as restarting the server.

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