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Budget Planning & Forecasting


Insight Driven

Scenario Analysis

Built-In Assistance

Simplified Workflow

Insight Driven

Statistical data providing the information needed to plan and improve your business 

Scenario Analysis

Easily configure best and worst-case scenarios and integrate them into reports

Built-in Assistance

Plan your P&L, CAPEX, Loans and much more with our customized automation tools

Simplified WORKFLOW

Manage and supervise all budget related tasks in one central workflow overview

Easy Integration

Increase your corporate flexibility with LucaNet.Planner. Our planner guarantees a consistent data model comprised of your P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow. Our integrated smart forms facilitate the task of implementing your business logic to create multiple plans and scenarios. Going even further, you have the capability to view whatever level of transaction or summary level detail you want to use in your planning.

“LucaNet helps to create a P&L, Balance Sheet, and Liquidity plan with ready-to-use planning forms, by the push of a button” – Toshiba Electronics

Planning can be executed on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Furthermore, you can decide to plan on an individual account level, reporting level, or a combination of both.

Since our integrated data model contains both your actual and budget level detail, closing balances automatically get pulled in and are adjusted utilizing the user defined business logic.

Connect Excel files, accounting systems, and manual adjustments to form one inclusive source of truth.  All process are governed by workflow controls that optimize the efficiency of the planning process.

Correvio International

Case Study

LucaNet is a software tool we enjoy using at our company. Clear, transparent, and simple to operate. All planning and consolidation processes have been simplified since its introduction. Resulting in a real time advantage for us

Michael Grau, Group CFO

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