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Corporate Performance Management

LucaNet offers a suite of integrated products to meet all of your Corporate and Financial Performance Management needs.
LucaNet has stood for competence in accounting since 1999. Our objective is to support you in your daily work with our easy to use software and professional consulting.

Since inception, LucaNet has developed into a leading solution provider for Corporate Performance Management, while retaining its fundamental accountancy-led principles and heritage. Value added support services include dedicated training and expert advice, along with professional implementation services and a comprehensive helpdesk.

Our agile, fresh and simple software is perfectly focused for financial professionals, combining an innovative approach with modern architecture and interfaces. Its automated processes and intuitive nature provide a simple to use software, which delivers rapid implementation and a simply better user experience.

The LucaNet software is developed in-house by an experienced team of technical and professional experts. This also forms the basis for the unparalleled quality of our software. LucaNet can be introduced at your company within a matter of a few days. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and our professional consulting services the training and implementation period is reduced to a minimum. Gain time and reduce costs with our professional and finance-oriented solution!

  • Agile, Fresh, and Simple
  • Innovative Approach
  • Modern Architecture and Interfaces
  • Automated & Intuitive
  • Standardized & Integrated
  • Rapid Implementation
  • Dynamic Design
  • Based on modern in-memory OLAP technology
  • Direct connectability with over 200 Accounting Systems
  • Instant deployment and performance
  • Secure SSL encrypted infrastructure
  • Independent platform
  • Multidimensional
  • Unicode capable
  • Detailed user rights
  • Multilingual data model and user-interface
  • Real Time Consolidation
  • Real Time Reporting and Modelling
  • Customizable Workflow
  • Powerful Consolidation Engine
  • Transactional In Memory Solution
  • Integrated Financial Modelling
  • Dynamic Version Control
  • Intelligent Reporting Capabilities
  • Transactional Processing versus Balance Processing
  • Data Staging Designed For Finance
  • Built-in Planning and Modelling Wizards

Our Financial Consolidation module offers everything you need to automate and streamline your financial consolidation process

Budgeting, Planning, & Forecasting

Our budgeting platform allows for a seamless integrated planning concept between sales planning, P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow


Benefit from the direct integration to your accounting system, making data collection and transformation easier and more transparent

Corporate Cash Flow Forecasting

Our solution towards financial planning allows for all aspects of planning tie back to your Cash Flow, from your P&L to CAPEX and financing plans

Financial Reporting & Analytics

Slice-and-dice your information, include and easily adjust your set of KPIs in a platform that combines all your actual and planning data


Our solution eliminates the need for editing and combining information out of a multitude of documents from different sources