Group consolidation and reporting with LucaNet

Success story Data-Mail, Inc.

Data-Mail, Inc. – a provider of direct marketing solutions – wanted to reduce the complexity of its business operations. This was what prompted the company's search for simple, reliable software for consolidation and reporting.

How Data-Mail uses LucaNet software

  • Creation of group reports in accordance with US GAAP
  • Integrated financial planning
  • Automated intercompany reconciliation
I’m very impressed with LucaNet as a product. 90% of what I’ve done, I have been able to figure out myself. The reporting capabilities are excellent, and, in my opinion, the end result is world-class reporting capability.

Mark Pritchard
Chief Financial Officer

About the company

Data-Mail, Inc. is a financially strong, family-owned and operated organisation that was established in 1971. As the recognised leader in direct mail and printed communications for over 45 years, the enterprise specialises in high-quality printing and advanced laser and digital personalisation, as well as more traditional, turnkey letter shop and commingle capabilities. With more than 500,000 square feet of production facilities in Hartford, CT, the Data-Mail, Inc. group of companies employs over 1,000 staff across two locations, with revenues approaching $150 million.

Use cases

logo data-mail

Industry :

Services and support

Core Business :

Direct marketing services

Headquarter city :

Connecticut (USA)

Employees :

1,000 (worldwide)

Website :

Data-Mail homepage

The Challenge

Simplify consolidation and reporting

For Data-Mail, creating consistent group reports with uniform results used to be a very complex affair. An internal audit then revealed that the company was not using its previous ERP system in a standardized way, and that a competitor's cloud-based reporting tool was propagating the errors in that system. This put the company on the search for consolidation and reporting software that would guide it through the entire process with speed, transparency, and absolute reliability.


The solution

More transparent data

LucaNet's built-in financial intelligence logic and speed of implementation were what won Data-Mail over. Data-Mail was thus able to establish connections to its data systems in short order and roll the application out to its entire organization successfully thanks to its intuitive interface. The company managed to go live with the system in just a few days. Since implementing LucaNet, Data-Mail has been saving a great deal of time and money. With LucaNet, a consolidation process that used to take 30 days now requires only eight.

LucaNet has also made it possible to adopt a completely reworked and standardized chart of accounts and a report layout without any ERP adjustments. Data extracted from the company's central ERP and payroll systems can be imported into LucaNet with ease each month, and fully traceable account balances can be reconciled with separate ERP ledgers on an individual basis. “LucaNet generates reports in a consistent format.

Meanwhile, our new chart of accounts is making our data much more transparent and giving us a deeper understanding of our business activities,” explains Mark Pritchard, Chief Financial Officer at Data-Mail, Inc. “All in all, I'm very impressed with LucaNet's software. I was able to figure out 90% of my work steps on my own. The reporting functions are excellent, and for me, the results it produces are world-class.”

How LucaNet software benefits Data-Mail

  • Self-explanatory software
  • Improved data transparency
  • A consistent report format