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Characteristics of the Software
  • Simply Fast: We apply the most innovative and modern technologies, coupled with the full integration of legal and controlling consolidation in one data model
  • Simply Reliable: We not only incorporate the principles governing orderly accounting, but have standardized our data models and interfaces to 3rd party systems
  • Simply Transparent: Every transaction from group to sub-group level can be traced down to document level detail with a few mouse clicks
  • Simply Integrated: LucaNet offers an integrated data model for all your financial reporting, from Actual data to Budget, Forecast, and statistical data
  • Simply Connected: With over 200 ready-to-use Connectors to all Major Accounting Systems, we retrieve data at a transactional level, creating a level of integration that is unparalleled in the market
  • Simply Easy to Handle: We know and understand our users. Therefore, our software is so easy to handle it is nearly solely administered by financial and accounting personnel
  • Simply Implemented: With our standardized Financial Reporting platform, our typical implementation normally takes 15 days, weeks faster than any other vendor
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