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Disclosure Management


Data Reliability

Customizable Workflow

Office Integration

 Report Generator


Retrieve your consolidated financial statements directly from LucaNet, securing one source of data

Customizable workflow

Integrate your own process, and appoint tasks to specific users within your organization

Office integration

Integrate with Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, guaranteeing reporting consistency

Report Generator

Automatically update your pre-built financial disclosures with the most current information

Easy Integration & Setup

Reports to executives and investors must consistently be correct and must always remain in compliance with local regulations. Additionally, all changes need to be included and validated in the running process, often with very little notice provided. As a result preparation of these financial statements can be time-consuming and onerous. SmartNotes provides you with the possibility to minimize the time required, and ensure consistent accurate reporting on a regular basis.

“SmartNotes is the perfect solution to optimize the process of report creation” – Gerberit International AG

Have one central data storage that guarantees the connectivity between different Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files. Diminish the risk of misstatements, and increase the consistency of your reports.

Highly paid accounting and finance professionals should not focus on manually linking different data sets. With a SmartNotes, you can enable your highly trained staff to focus on the input that really matters to the business.

Via the SmartNotes platform, multiple users can process different report sections simultaneously. Via the cockpit engine you are informed when someone has made a change to the report, with a fully accessible audit trial of past changes included in the system.

Ready to Save Time on Your Reporting?