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ERP Analytics


300+ Integrations

Cloud/Local Solutions

Data Transparency

Fast Integration

300+ Integrations

Over 300 standard connectors to all major Accounting Systems ensuring data reliability 

Modern Technology

Combine in-memory OLAP technology with a standard relational Data Warehouse model

Data Transparency 

Drill down to transactional and document level detail directly from your Accounting System

FAST Integration

Pre-built connections provide fast integration, completed in a matter of hours not weeks

Easy Integration

We can deploy our connectors in a matter of hours, with our standardized ETL process. This is because we have a standardized staging area, where we gather and transform all your data relevant for Financial Analysis. Our infrastructure allows for the best of both worlds: the benefits of analysis in a multi-dimensional OLAP cube, and the robustness of a relational staging area. Join 1,700 customers and see how easy we can connect to your data.

“LucaNet has helped us to achieve greater levels of professionalism and data quality in our overall consolidation process. The connection to SAP went without a hitch, the interface is easy to operate and we can make postings directly in the LucaNet software itself. “
Niedax GmbH & Co. KG

Connect not only your Accounting System, but also your CRM, DWH, Excel files and flat files into one reporting tool, so you can easily start reporting from a single-point-of-truth. Connect your BI-tool on top of LucaNet and expand this information to the rest of your organization.

We have created standard connectors to MS Navision, MS Dynamics, ProAlpha, NetSuite, Oracle Financial, Exact, and SAP. Our SAP connectors are even certified by SAP itself, guaranteeing a fast and secure data transfer.

The ease-of-use of our connectors and integrated mapping capabilities allow you as the Finance manager to be in control of the data integration. Never again you need to wait for availability of your IT.

Heinz Glas

Case Study

As an international company, we rely on software that meets global requirements in the area of consolidation, planning, and reporting. In LucaNet we have found such a solution: LucaNet is used at our locations in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, and in North and South America. The multilingual data model and system-based currency conversion is a great advantage in particular. The preparation of financial statements according to the accounting standards of each country allows the subsidiaries to report their local financial statements in LucaNet, too.

Steffen Meinel, Head of Controlling

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