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For the new role of controlling

Become a Business Partner of the Management

Solutions for the Financial Controller

Controlling, in its role as a business partner, should initiate and steer strategically significant processes as well as advise other business areas on the evaluation and interpretation of financial data.

We will show you how a professional solution helps you to establish controlling as a business partner of the management. The focus is on the benefits to financial controllers, who use a professional IT solution to quickly and easily create decision-making templates for management. How such software is used successfully in practice can be found in our case studies.

Simple, intuitive operation, all functions are fully applicable by the professional user without IT knowledge

Maximum transparency through cross-period traceability down to the level of the document

Simplification and automation of operations and processes in financial controlling

Extensive analysis and reporting capabilities, such as classic comparison functions, time series analysis, and ad-hoc graphics, provide a 360-degree view of your business

Make Workflow Efficient

Every day, as a financial controller, you create extensive financial planning and analysis, as well as complex budgets, financial statements, and management reporting – all of which are tasks that you might actually encounter with routine.

But far too often, the accounting processes require numerous manual processing steps, the mostly inconsistent raw data must first be prepared and validated in elaborate coordination rounds; In some cases, as a financial officer, you need the support of your IT department when processing financial data from a variety of data sources and source systems.

For these reasons, as a financial controller, there is very little time left for your actual task: analyzing the data and developing appropriate recommendations for action and strategies.

With LucaNet’s Financial Performance Management software, you can make all processes more successful: 

  • We offer you an automated solution that optimizes all processes in financial controlling and provides financial officers with all decision-relevant information faster and more accurately. 
  • Thanks to the usability of the tool, deadlines for the timely preparation of your reporting can be reliably met. After all, you can implement important adjustments in all areas of software completely independently, without having to rely on the support of your IT. That gives you maximum ability to act.

Achieve Full Data Integrity

Do you spend too much time worrying about data-related differences in results? Not anymore. LucaNet is based on the single-point-of-truth approach and provides you with the optimal solution for standardizing your financial figures from internal and external accounting. You get a reliable database, which is valid for all participants.

At LucaNet, all data for controlling, planning and consolidation is stored in one system and processed in real time. An integrated document-oriented change log allows you to track all changes made in detail, while an intelligent authorization system with the distinction between read and write rights also gives you full transparency and control over the entire process of your financial controlling.

Successful customer projects with LucaNet:

LucaNet stores and processes all controlling, planning, and group accounting data in one system in real time.

Our integrated document based revision log and smart access management system allow easy means of monitoring your entire financial controlling process.

Certainly Consistent Data

Clean data is the alpha and omega of reliable business planning and control. But heterogeneous data and unreliable data sources have a negative impact on data quality.

LucaNet centrally collects, validates and processes the data centrally. The result is a central and up-to-date version of the most important financial information – from the balance sheet and cash flow to the income statement.

Take advantage of LucaNet’s leading financial performance management solution in financial controlling, and regain confidence in your data.

An application for all aspects of internal and external accounting/financial controlling (single-point-of-truth) 

A Business Application Research Center (BARC) survey of customers using a FPM solution confirmed that LucaNet is the undisputed leader when it comes to data transfer and preparation.

Time Savings for Detailed Analysis

Creating the annual report is a complex and multi-faceted project in many companies, often associated with a lot of manual work and a high level of error.

LucaNet provides timely, accurate and above all error-free information on time. LucaNet gives you the best possible support at every step: from the collection of data through validation and consolidation to final report generation.

Do not waste time on manual tasks and error-prone synchronization processes in the future, but use the scarce resources to generate valuable results from the analytics that will enhance your business performance.

An application for all aspects of internal and external accounting/financial controlling (single-point-of-truth) 

Maximum degree of automation across all process steps

Manage Financial Reports Automatically

Do you need all financial key figures clearly arranged at a glance for your reporting? Your data has to be processed on time in different reporting formats for different stakeholders?

With our disclosure managment solution you can prepare annual and management reports that are ready to print. All aspects of preparing consolidated financial statements are covered, from consolidation in LucaNet to the final generation of the report.

Using the dedicated authorization concept, the different report parts can be edited in parallel by several users. Changes are automatically applied across all structures. So nothing stands in the way of the speedy publication of your financial report.

If you would like to learn more about Disclosure Management with LucaNet, feel free to contact us.

Our disclosure management software makes your job easier

Our permissions management concept allows users to edit different parts of a report at the same time and automatically implement them across all structures.

Maximum degree of automation across all process steps

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