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All from one inclusive data source

Our in-memory financial platform allows you to slice and dice your information and effectively analyze your data in a single platform. Consistent and uniform reporting, incorporating user-defined analysis with various standardized reporting technologies. 


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Flexible Analysis


Within LucaNet we believe in making a distinction between reporting and analysis. Reporting needs to be robust and generated automatically, while analysis needs to be dynamic, evolving with the business. With LucaNet’s ability to link directly with Excel and other BI technologies, standardized reporting becomes truly simple, and by integrating actual, budget, and statistical data, LucaNet provides its users the ability to ask and answer the right questions. LucaNet truly makes Reporting and Analysis easy, flexible, and transparent.


Easily adjust structures, view data, add KPIs, and statistical information all in one convenient system


Effortlessly retrieve your analytical data to make smart and informed business decisions


Includes all transactional data from your Accounting System, statistical accounts, and manual postings


Designed for financial professionals: we understand your needs and provide the tools to meet them    

Combining Flexibility with Robustness

The modern day controller has two main requirements for their reporting: flexibility and robustness. You need the flexibility to change your reporting and design appropriate analysis, while you need to have the relevant checks in place to secure robust reporting. Our in-memory OLAP technology, combined with easily configurable validation rules, allows you to combine these two requirements in one system. At the same time our complete data integration allows you to focus your time where it is needed: analysis.

It is quite simple for us: Information provides clarity. Clarity provides transparency. And transparency is the basis for trust. Therefore we have opted for LucaNet” Leica

We offer comprehensive opportunities for comparison of actual and forecast data, as well as easy analysis including linking financial and statistical data, creating alternative structures, and providing built in formulas.

LucaNet is open source technology. Regardless if you are using a BI-tool, such as QlikView, Tableau or PowerBI, simply make the data available from LucaNet to present it in the BI-tool of your choosing.

A lot of controllers are spending more than 50% of their time on data collection and checking data integrity across Excel files. With LucaNet, you can limit  the time spent on data collection and validation with LucaNet, and spend it on the important topics: analysis. Be a better business partner in your organization.

Hampshire Hospitality

Case Study

Because LucaNet is so easy to use, it’s a very practical tool. Once you’re familiar with the navigation buttons, it’s easy to locate the right data. My colleague has only been working here for a couple of months, but can already independently retrieve the information needed from LucaNet.

Joost Peeperkorn, Finance Director


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