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Financial Service Provider or Consultant

Break It Down For The Decision Makers

You’re a weathered financial professional, but your clients are not. How do you bridge the gap between financial analysis and critical decision making for non-financial leaders?

LucaNet’s financial reporting software helps you bridge that gap by generating intuitive reports based on your business goals and allowing your to create custom dashboards for deeper insights and more easily digestible data.

Our financial experts are not only available to you for all of your LucaNet needs, but above all they talk finance. We talk your language.

Retrieve your data out of your accounting system on the transactional level by using one of our 200 standard connectors, varying from MS Navision, to Oracle Financial, and SAP.

Using state-of-the-art and high-performance technologies, such as LucaNet. Financial OLAP Server and multidimensional in-memory database

Rocket Internet

Case Study

We used LucaNet to prepare Rocket Internet’s first ever consolidated financial statements – and are really very happy with the results. The automatic consolidation assistants and integrated currency conversion support a fast and accurate monthly close for all of our financial disclosures.

Imke Ramb, Head of Group Accounting

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