Ensuring a successful future – with FPM and CPM

FPM software provides you key insights

Insights are the foundation for understanding. FPM software saves you time by automatically mapping financial processes within a single tool so that you can view all your finances together. Errors in consolidation, planning, and reporting have become a thing of the past. What’s more, maximum data transparency is ensured, enabling you to plan securely, make strategically well-founded decisions, and grow your business and profits.

Corporate Performance Management provides you with foresight

Foresight is key to making decisions. As the single source of truth, Financial Performance Management needs to be part of the solution if you want to keep your eyes on the big picture. However, many companies simply sit on a wealth of unused data. The right tool can turn this data into an even bigger pool of valuable information on how their business is faring, giving decision-makers a sense of direction for their next steps. Corporate Performance Management (CPM) helps companies interpret large volumes of data quickly and respond to unforeseen circumstances with greater flexibility.

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CPM financial software provides you the overview

Say goodbye to complicated and unreliable financial processes – LucaNet enables you to prepare financial statements, draw up plans, compile reports, and analyze your financial data in a single application. You no longer have to waste your time on manually cleaning up financial data and going through countless rounds of clarification for intercompany transactions.

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Finance made easy with LucaNet’s Corporate Performance Management

Plus, we are always improving our solutions to ensure that LucaNet continues to meet the ever-growing requirements of financial departments. The result: LucaNet’s Corporate Performance Management for Finance – a single platform covering all the needs of a modern business. After all, maintaining an overview is the only way to avoid nasty surprises and to navigate your company toward a successful future.

More than 3,900 customers across 50 countries have already put their trust in our many years of experience. Do you want to know how to present a complete picture of your finances and make the right decisions for the future of your company on a solid information basis?

Find out how LucaNet’s CPM financial software can help you!

CPM Software for Finance