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In-Memory Technology

Do not be afraid of Big Data!

The LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server stores all data in memory. That is, all information held directly in the RAM of your computer. Each request or change is directly edited or saved, making it available for reporting and analysis purposes within fractions of a second. 

The Difference

Traditional databases hold most of the data on the disk. If you need data that is not in RAM, you need to load it first. This costs time and thus slows down the speed of the overall process. In addition, changes to data must be continually stored, as well as access to the hard disk each time.

Our financial experts are not only available to you for all of your LucaNet needs, but above all they talk finance. We talk your language.

Retrieve your data out of your accounting system on the transactional level by using one of our 200 standard connectors, varying from MS Navision, to Oracle Financial, and SAP.

We believe in offering customers what they want, this includes a flexible technical set-up, tailor fit to your needs. Whether you want to use cloud based system or install the software on premise, we will accommodate you.

Your Advantages

  • All information is loaded directly from memory
  • Tedious retrieval from the hard drive is eliminated
  • Analysis process becomes extremely fast
  • Data can be updated and visualized within fractions of a second
  • Even very large amounts of data can be kept and stored

Ready to Save Time on Your Reporting?