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brochure lucanet planner

Integrated Financial Planning

LucaNet provides you with professional financial controlling and integrated financial planning. The LucaNet controlling software builds on pre-defined structures and planning logic in all areas, which can be adjusted to the individual needs of your company with just a few clicks.

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lucanet corporate brochure


Easily manage your company with software that delivers clear numbers to financial managers and makes everyday working life easier when it comes to consolidation, financial planning, analysis and reporting. You’ll find the most important information about LucaNet in our corporate brochure.

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brochure lucanet references


2.700 customers in over 50 countries worldwide – There is no better reference than our happy customers! Take a look at our brochure and read for yourself, how our FPM solution turns consolidation, planning, reporting and data management into a success story for our professionals of any size and sector.

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brochure lucanet financial consolidation

Financial Consolidation

For many enterprises, the compilation of consolidated financial statements is a manual process that is frequently time-consuming and error-ridden. However, with LucaNet you can complete your consolidated financial statements in a fraction of the time. Take a look at our brochure and read how our solution helps you.

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brochure management reporting

Management Reporting

With the LucaNet solution for management reporting, you can create all your internal and external reports at the press of a button. This way, you quickly get an overview of all relevant financial data and have enough time for analyzing the data.

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brochure bi and dashboarding

BI and Dashboarding

With Microsoft Power BI, you are able to visualize and analyze your data from LucaNet within a modern reporting tool. The seamless integration of both systems guarantees you error-free transfer of all data you need to build a meaningful dashboard.

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lucanet flyer disclosure-management certent

Disclosure Management with Certent

With the solution provided by Certent, LucaNet is expanding its portfolio by adding a professional tool for financial reporting. The combination of the two systems provides a solution that can help you with everything from generating your financial statements to publishing your annual reports.

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brochure lucanet data integration

Data Integration

With LucaNet, you can easily import and automate your financial data from a wide variety of source systems. You are able to generate a valid database and create that ‘single source of truth’ in the process.

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brochure data collection and ic reconciliation

Data Collection and IC Reconciliation

With LucaNet, you’ll simplify the collection and validation of data for consolidated financial statements and will make it possible for intercompany reconciliation to occur at a local level.

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brochure lucanet consulting


With LucaNet, you’ll receive advice and training courses on all matters related to accounting and controlling. Take a look at our range of consulting services here.

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brochure lucanet cloud us


LucaNet.Cloud combines security, flexibility, and intuitive operation with first-class financial intelligence functions from a leading software for Corporate Performance Management for finance.

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