ASC 842

Brochure "LucaNet software for lease accounting"

use case brochure asc 842

Leases are an integral part of today’s corporate landscape. No matter if you lease real estate, vehicles, or office equipment – all these contracts are within the scope of the new standard ASC 842. Under the new guidance, lessees have to recognize most leases on the balance sheet.

The LucaNet ASC 842 tool helps you to successfully deal with these changes.

Learn more in this brochure:

  • Breakdown of all ASC 842 accounts by freely definable criteria
  • Simple integration of roll-forward schedules and cash flow statement
  • Automated generation of quantitative disclosures
  • Simulate ASC 842 impacts on business plans
  • Automated calculations for reassessments and contract modifications
  • Consideration of all accounting policy choices