Practical Topic Target Costing: Fundamentals and Successful Implementation

whitepaper practical topic target costing fundamentals and successful implementation

The primary objective of target costing is ascertaining product costs and determining the product price based on customer preferences. Therefore, the concept of target costing includes strong market orientation of the whole enterprise and cost management. The most important question is: "What is a product allowed to cost?" and not "What will a product cost?" The question about the price accepted by the market is always connected with the question about optimum customer benefits.

The current white paper by Tobias Riffel summarises all of the important fundamentals on the issue of target costing and uses examples to clarify its specific implementation in practice. He addresses the market-into-company method and explains the difference between allowable costs and drifting costs. It's concluded with a short reflection on the challenges in the course of target costing.

Contents of this white paper

  • Fundamentals
  • Carrying out the target costing
  • Challenges in the course of the target costing