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LucaNet stands for competence in accounting. This includes not only our software, but also our wide-ranging expert knowledge. Here you can find an overview of our white papers and e-books concerning accounting, business intelligence, controlling and corporate finance from LucaNet. All of our white papers can be downloaded as PDFs.

simplify your reporting white paper lucanet

Simplify your reporting

What are the success factors for creating a reliable, rapid and transparent reporting system? Find out the four crucial pieces of advice now in this white paper.

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whitepaper faster close

Faster close

How can the Group Accountant prepare accurate consolidated financial statements efficiently and quickly? All of the answers can be found in our white paper.

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The new lease accounting standard – ASC 842

The new lease accounting standard – ASC 842

ASC 842 has been a hot topic since its publication in 2016. Read in this white paper everything about the new lease accounting standard ASC 842.

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the differences between ifrs 16 and asc 842 white paper lucanet

The differences between IFRS 16 and ASC 842

In this white paper, you will find the key differences in lease accounting between IFRS 16 and ASC 842 for both lessees and lessors.

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whitepaper key differences between uk gaap and ifrs

Key differences between UK GAAP and IFRS

What are the key differences between accounting policies under FRS 102 and full IFRS? Find out more in our white paper.

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whitepaper break free from excel chaos

Break free from Excel chaos

What are the seven reasons why financial professionals should stop working with Excel files? We shed light on the issue and show how professional CPM software for finance is a far better alternative.

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whitepaper transparency in financial controlling

Transparency in financial controlling made easy

How can financial controllers bring transparency to their financial data? We show how an expert solution can pave the way to data transparency, based on real-life challenges. Find out more in our white paper.

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whitepaper how to improve intercompany reconciliation

How to improve intercompany reconciliation and bring order to the data jungle

The veracity of a set of consolidated financial statements depends on valid and organised data. But the process of collecting the data with MS Excel, inadequate accounting systems and substandard intercompany reconciliation processes appears to be an uphill battle, with nobody coming out on top. What better alternatives are there? Find out more in our white paper.

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whitepaper efficient financial controlling for cfos

Efficient financial controlling for CFOs

What specific challenges are presented by the changes to the CFO's role in an enterprise? And how can a CFO use a professional corporate performance management software solution for finance teams to tackle the challenges of the current market efficiently? This white paper will provide you with valuable tips for your future practice.

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whitepaper more clarity about your financial data

More clarity about your financial data

Our current white paper explains how corporate performance management software for finance provides CFOs and controllers with a solution for the challenges they face in their finance departments.

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whitepaper financial controllings top 3 trends

Financial controlling‘s top 3 trends

Are you ready for the future of controlling? In our white paper, we present the top three trends in controlling.

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whitepaper the 5 success factors for your financial planning

The 5 success factors for your financial planning

Which factors are the keys to a successful, efficient planning process? What should the people responsible for finances observe in order to drive their planning and controlling activities towards the future? To find out, read our white paper.

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whitepaper must know differences between ifrs and us gaap

International accounting - Must-know differences between IFRS and US GAAP

Multi-GAAP accounting and consolidation always come with multiple challenges for accountants. This white paper gives you a brief overview of the must-know differences and similarities between US GAAP and IFRS, and provides you with some hints and tips on preparing multi-GAAP financial statements.

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whitepaper ready for ifrs 16

Ready for IFRS 16? The new accounting standard for leases

What is the objective of IFRS 16, the new accounting standard for leases, what changes does it entail for affected companies and which solutions are available for a successful implementation? Our white paper has all the answers.

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whitepaper practical topic target costing fundamentals and successful implementation

Practical Topic Target Costing: Fundamentals and Successful Implementation

The white paper summarizes all of the important fundamentals on the issue of target costing and uses examples to clarify its specific implementation in practice.

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whitepaper 3x3 bi the future of management reporting

3 x 3 BI - The Future of Management Reporting

What will management reporting be like in the future? The experts at Lünendonk take a close, step-by-step look at this topic and deliver a range of theories.

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whitepaper focused on impairment of assets according to ias 36

Focused on: Impairment of Assets according to IAS 36

How do you approach the impairment of assets according to IAS 36? What's behind the term cash generating units and how can the impairment of goodwill be tested?

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whitepaper risk controlling with the help of indicator systems

Risk Controlling with the Help of Indicator Systems

Which areas of the annual financial statements need to be considered in more detail to make a company's risk control more efficient? In our white paper, we present you with the most important key performance indicators for an optimal analysis.

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whitepaper what is corporate performance management actually

What is Corporate Performance Management, actually?

What, exactly, does CPM mean? And how does it compare to BI solutions? We cast some light on this topic and explain the fundamentals for you.

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