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LucaNet Software Updates

The development strategy of LucaNet includes an annual major release. Software updates can be obtained directly from a LucaNet update server via the internet.

The complete update process is done automatically so that the LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server is ready to work again in a few minutes. To do this, the client-server is linked to a LucaNet server. When a more current version exists, servers and clients are updated automatically without the need for manual intervention. It will not be necessary to import the updates.

Our financial experts are not only available to you for all of your LucaNet needs, but above all they talk finance. We talk your language.

Retrieve your data out of your accounting system on the transactional level by using one of our 200 standard connectors, varying from MS Navision, to Oracle Financial, and SAP.

We believe in offering customers what they want, this includes a flexible technical set-up, tailor fit to your needs. Whether you want to use cloud based system or install the software on premise, we will accommodate you.

Your Advantages

  • Immediately Usable
  • High Performance
  • Multidimensional and multi-user capable
  • Unicode Capability
  • 100% Maintenance and Administration Free
  • Internet and Intranet-enabled
  • Secure through SSL encryption
  • Platform Independent
  • Seamlessly compatible with any ERP and financial accounting systems and other BI solutions.

LucaNet Software Modules

Financial Consolidation

Our Financial Consolidation module offers everything you need to automate and streamline your financial consolidation process

Budgeting, Planning, & Forecasting

Our budgeting platform allows for a seamless integrated planning concept between sales planning, P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow

ERP Analytics

Benefit from the direct integration to your accounting system, making data collection and transformation easier and more transparent

Corporate Cash Flow Forecasting

Our solution towards financial planning allows for all aspects of planning tie back to your Cash Flow, from your P&L to CAPEX and financing plans

Financial Reporting & Analytics

Slice-and-dice your information, include and easily adjust your set of KPIs in a platform that combines all your actual and planning data

Disclosure Management

Our solution eliminates the need for editing and combining information out of a multitude of documents from different sources

Ready to Save Time on Your Reporting?