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Software for the automatic completion of monthly, quarterly, and annual disclosures

Why Become a LucaNet Partner

Partners are essential. As one of the leading vendors for Corporate Performance Management Solutions, with over 1.700 customers in over 40 countries, we know that partners are the key in expanding market reach. Partners know the requirements of the market and the requirements of the customers. Powerful partners help to establish a brand and increase market size through the combined offerings of various customer-oriented services.

LucaNet works closely together with various partners, from leading ERP vendors, to large auditor, consultancy, and technological firms. Together with our partners we are able fulfill the most complex needs, and create an outstanding customer experience. This approach guarantees we will stay the cutting edge vendor for Corporate Performance Management Tools.

The LucaNet partnership program enables you to create extra value for your existing customers, and more importantly, generate new business by addressing new target groups. We give your team the quality support which is needed to reach this goal, not only in consulting, but also in sales and marketing. Let’s grow our businesses together!

Your Benefits

Exceptional Margins
Attractive margins on licenses and maintenance & support.
Fair and Easy
Our partnership is based on transparency without administrative burden.
Free-of-Charge Support
Free-of-charge support by product and sales specialists.
Marketing Materials
Marketing brochures, whitepapers, and case studies.
CPM tool
Cutting edge CPM tool with the track record to prove it.
Easy to Integrate
Seamlessly integrate with your existing portfolio of ERP and BI-tools.

Our Partners

Become a LucaNet Partner today!

  • Free-of-charge access to our delivery resources
  • Complimentary basic and advanced product training
  • Senior management support in activating partnerships
  • Access to customer events
  • Modern CPM tool with a long standing customer base
  • Easily integrated  with your existing portfolio of software products