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LucaNet Featured in CFO Tech Magazine

LucaNet: A Unified Financial Reporting Platform to Simplify the Life of Financial Professionals
LucaNet was recently featured in the prestigious CFO Tech Outlook magazine. The article goes in to detail about how LucaNet eases and streamlines the daunting task of financial reporting.

“The idea was to provide a solution that drives transparency, operational efficiency and ease of use, allowing companies to improve their financial reporting efficiency amid the time constraints. Philadelphia, PA-based LucaNet emerges as the best choice for addressing financial reporting, consolidation, and planning needs.”

“LucaNet’s financial consolidation capabilities drive operations through efficient budget planning, forecasting, ERP analytics, cash flow forecasting, financial reporting analytics, and disclosure management. Available both as on-premise and cloud-native solution, LucaNet simplifies analysis of financial data by linking it with statistical data, creating alternative structures, and providing built-in formulas.

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