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Software for the CFO

Successful business control can be so easy for CFOs – with an IT solution that helps you develop a successful business strategy, minimize compliance risks, compete, and increase process productivity.

Find out about the benefits of professional software in modern financial controlling. What CFOs say about the specific use of LucaNet can be found in our case studies. 

An application for all aspects of internal and external accounting/financial controlling (single-point-of-truth) 

Standardized, certified data model in the context of all legal requirements (individual/consolidated financial statements)

Unrestricted quality and regularity according to the IDW PS 880 auditing standard of the Institute of Auditors and thus guaranteed compliance with the principles of proper accounting

Maximum degree of automation across all process steps

Optimize Efficiency and Productivity

Do the manual, time-consuming and error-prone processes of reporting and preparing the financial statements increasingly put the worry lines on your forehead? Do you also feel that your numbers are not available on time and you do not know if you can trust them 100%?

LucaNet meets these challenges with a stringent, automated process chain in which data is continuously validated and coordinated among all parties involved. This significantly shortens your monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements and reporting processes and keeps you well-informed about the day. In addition, you have full transparency at all times about the current status of the respective process.

Develop Successful Corporate Strategy

Is the complexity of inconsistent data converging in your financial reporting department always challenging you? Do you lose too much time in day-to-day business for the tedious manual compression and processing of data and can not focus on the essentials?

With LucaNet, you can also create a reliable database on which you can make reliable operational and strategic decisions. 

Successful projects with LucaNet:

Minimize Compliance Risks

Look forward to a less stressful future. LucaNet’s Financial Performance Management solution provides CFOs with the assurance of risk-free financial controlling.

The complexity of national and even international accounting standards poses financial managers with new and changing challenges every single day. As a CFO, you are obligated to incorporate compliance aspects into your accounting processes. Tight regulations and complex legislation from a variety of sources make this far from easy. Failure to comply with obligations or submitting inaccurate financial statements can also present major liability risks. Of course, the resulting loss of image can also have a serious long-term impact on a business’s reputation and long-term success.

With LucaNet, you rely on the market leader in financial controlling and consolidation. Our software is certified for the PS 880 and ISAE 3000 audit standards, ensuring it is compatible with all the principles of proper accounting. Start reaping the benefits of a reliable and transparent management reporting system and ensure your organization is ready for the future.

Secure Competitive Advantages

Being faster than the competition and unlocking untapped market potentials at an early stage – all successful companies want to achieve these goals. The software from LucaNet gives your company the decisive competitive advantage.

You receive the decision-relevant business data from your financial controlling faster, more efficiently and more securely. Possible sources of error in the database are identified early so that only validated numbers are reported. The creation of financial statements is thus significantly accelerated, the time-consuming search for inconsistent information is reduced to zero. The compaction and preparation of the data is done automatically and rule-based. LucaNet thus creates unprecedented automation across all process steps in your financial controlling. 

Strategy and Business Partnering with LucaNet

For the CFO of Tomorrow

Get your data under control and be an effective business partner, aiding all the decision-making processes in your enterprise. 

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