Speeding up financial consolidation

Automate your fast close with financial consolidation software

For many businesses, preparing consolidated financial statements is a time-consuming, manual process that is prone to error as a result. Often MS Excel or other systems are the default tools, which prove inadequate when it comes to compiling robust financial statements necessary during an audit.

Simplify your consolidated financial statements

With LucaNet, you’ll have software that fully covers all regulatory requirements for consolidated financial statements in one standardized solution. Our software will guide you as a professional in a focused way through the entire process of preparing the consolidated financial statements, with integrated automated procedures making every single step that much easier.

Simply more accurate


fewer errors in the data i
(LucaNet User Survey 2018)

Simply fast


time savings with financial statements i
(LucaNet User Survey 2018)

Simply more transparent


traceable data

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How to Consolidate the Financial Statement in a Relaxed Way

What makes LucaNet unique

Rapid implementation

No Corporate Performance Management solution for financials in the marketplace can be implemented faster than LucaNet. The intuitive user interface means no extensive training is required. Consolidating just got fun again!

100% real-time

The effects of any changes are calculated and shown in real time across the entire data model – the result being a faster preparation of your error-free consolidated financial statements.

By finance, for finance

LucaNet speaks the language of professionals. The entire logic behind the software has been conceived in such a way that all professional requirements are fully covered so that consolidated financial statements can be prepared efficiently.

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