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Technical Capabilities 


Ready-to-use software for all your financial reporting


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Intelligent Architecture

Platform independent AND integrated

We believe in offering our customers options. This means that we offer the LucaNet software both on-premise and off-premise, as well as enabling our software every platform available. Moreover, with our open architecture you can not only connect to any type of source system, but you can also connect your BI solution. Platform independent, integrated and secure.


By using our standard data model you can immediately start configuring your reporting


We use the latest security standards to make sure that your financial reporting is complete secure


Integrate not only your Accounting System, but for also your DataWareHouse, and BI-tool with LucaNet

On- & off- site

The LucaNet software is so flexible that you can host it in the Cloud or install it on Premise

The benefits of our platform

  • A fully-fledged financial data warehouse including business accounting logic for full and seamless integration of planning and consolidation without any need for interfacing
  • Immediate deployment and high performance
  • 100 % free of maintenance and administration costs
  • Secure through SSL encryption
  • Platform independent
  • Multidimensional und multi-user capable
  • Unicode capable
  • Detailed granting of access rights
  • Multilingual data model and user interface
“Let’s Automate Business – that’s our motto for what we do every day. LucaNet consolidation software helps us live by this motto every time we create a consolidated financial statement.” – Automic Software

The LucaNet.Financial OLAP Server saves all data in-memory, meaning that all information is stored directly in your computer’s main memory (RAM). Every query or change is processed and saved directly, and is therefore available for reporting and analysis purposes in a fraction of a second. This is a big difference compared to traditional database technology, which saves data on the hard disk and which need to load data each time you request a report.

Are you looking to take pressure off your IT department? Do you want global availability of data? Use our optional LucaNet.Cloud and benefit from high levels of data security and reduced IT costs.

With our open architecture we can integrate with any business intelligence environment using XMLA/ODBO or MDX-Statements. Via this method, LucaNet can assume the role of the financial data warehouse in a company-wide BI solution. This provides the user with a comprehensive and completely integrated reporting landscape with maximum transparency.


Case Study

“We were particularly pleased with how well LucaNet could be integrated into our IT landscape. The latest technology and programming in Java make this software unique on the market. We too have been convinced by the speed and easy operation.”

Carsten Schlurmann, Group Accounting Department


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