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Watch our Videos to learn more about LucaNet and how our software can help you.
Find out more about our Group.Report module, which we use to collect, validate and import your data and perform a decentralized IC-reconciliation.
LucaNet North America LLC | Company Introduction
LucaNet gives you reporting flexibility, source-system integration, automation, budget vs actual comparison, and automatic cash flow generation. You get the time and insights you need to grow and direct your business.
International Partner Day 2019
On May 23 and 24, the Alte Börse Marzahn conference center opened its doors for our annual Partner Day. We had two fantastic days with a great blend of presentations, workshops, and lots of inspiring conversations.
Empowering Globally Operating Organizations | Customer Story
ucaNet is helping companies that do business all over the world streamline their data and reporting processes. In this video, we tell you the stories of two of them.
Closing the Books in 8 Instead of 30 Days | Customer Story
It used to take Data-Mail, Inc. 30 days to close the books on each month. CFO Mark Pritchard set out to change that. He adopted the LucaNet system in hopes that it would streamline Data-mail’s processes and unify the ledger structures. It worked. Now it takes them 8 days to close the books.
How Bredenoord Cut its Close Cycle from 15 to 3 Days | Customer Interview
Until a few years ago, Bredenoord relied on Excel to do consolidation and reporting. That was error-prone and time-consuming. With LucaNet, the company is now able to reduce the financial close cycle and focus more on planning.
How Conergy Uses LucaNet for Consolidation and Planning | Customer Interview
Conergy is one of the world’s largest companies in the solar energy industry providing project development, financing, EPC and O&M services with more than 2GW installed globally.
One Tool for All Financial Processes | Customer Interview
Bordeaux Métropole Énergies uses LucaNet for consolidation, budgeting, and reporting. All data is now in a single tool and there is no more need for reconciliation, mapping, and other time-devouring processes.
What is Financial Performance Management
Simple solutions for major challenges: With LucaNet, you’ll bundle all of your financial processes such as consolidation, planning, and analysis in one application, and you’ll receive data that you can rely on at the touch of a button.
Easily Manage Your Financial Data with LucaNet
LucaNet makes the jobs of finance teams easier. Whether you’re a start-up, medium-sized business, or a group: with our software for consolidation, planning, reporting, and analysis, you’ll save time and will obtain data that you can rely upon 100%.
How to Consolidate the Financial Statement in a Relaxed Way
When the deadline for the consolidated financial statements is approaching, the nerves are usually on edge. Isn’t there a better way to do this? There sure is!
How to Consolidate Faster | LucaNet.Financial Consolidation
Do you want to consolidate your financial statement in a fast, simple and automated way? Watch this video and find out how our financial consolidation software guides you through the entire process of preparing the consolidated financial statement in record time.
Enhance the efficiency of your financial controlling and maximize the precision of your planning. Integrate your P&L, CAPEX, and loan planning to forecast Balance Sheet and Cash Flow.
Learn more about our approach towards Financial Consolidation, including IC elimination, adjustment postings, currency translation, and much more!
“Reaching our goals together” is the idea behind our annual Partner Day where we invite our national and international partners to Berlin. The event aims to encourage the attendants to share ideas and information, shows new possibilities in the software and brings LucaNet and its partners closer together.
In a recent interview, both Dominik Duchon and Gavin Allen from LucaNet, reflect on impending changes due to Brexit and what this means for innovative technology.