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White Papers
Simply Intelligent – Client Magazine Issue 1 (2019)

How do you deal with stressful situations? In this new issue of our client magazine, you can read about what can be done against stress. Don’t stress – that’s the spotlight topic in this issue. Of course, you’ll also find further interesting LucaNet topics, like the article on predictive analytics and the interview with the head of the new Customer Relationship Management Team

How to Improve Intercompany Reconciliation and Bring Order to the Data Jungle

One of the biggest hurdles in operating globally is obtaining the data from the financial statements. Many companies are lacking a proper intercompany reconciliation process which frequently results in an enormous waste of resources. Fully integrated data at the click of a button: LucaNet.Group Report brings together the parent and local companies, helping integrate reporting.

Transparency in Financial Controlling Made Easy

The leader in planning and controlling solutions: LucaNet has intuitive self-service solutions, work flow support, and outstanding data transparency.

Financial Controlling’s Top 3 Trends

The aim of all standardization efforts is to reduce software solutions: LucaNet offers professional financial controlling and integrated financial planning

Efficient Financial Controlling for CFOs

LucaNet’s corporate performance management software offers the perfect solution for all your processes and fields of application.

Faster Close

Simplicity makes LucaNet the leader in consolidation solutions for enterprises that can quickly prepare their financial statements.

The 5 Success Factors for Your Financial Planning

LucaNet offers both professional financial controlling and integrated financial planning that can be adjusted to your enterprise with just a few clicks.

How CFOs Can Build A Better Financial Consolidation Process

Efficient and accurate consolidation is the foundation for financial reporting. Consolidation reporting tools, such as LucaNet, link seamlessly with accounting systems to provide the necessary foundation to ensure the speed and accuracy of the financial reporting process.

Risk Controlling with the Help of Indicator Systems

LucaNet offers the possibility to professionally process the available company data and integrate them into an indicator system.

The BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH 2019

The best and easiest all-in-one solution for financial performance management: LucaNet is again the Market Leader in Financial Performance Management.

Simply Intelligent – Client Magazine Issue 2

Of particular interest from today’s perspective on growth are approaches focusing on optimizing and further developing existing systems in a gentle, yet consistent, or sustainable, way.

Simply Intelligent – Client Magazine Issue 1

We present you with the first English edition of our client magazine “simply intelligent,” a step that reflects our strong international growth.

More Clarity About Your Financial Data

Why it is time for financial performance management software.


LucaNet has been synonymous with intelligent software solutions and professional expertise in consolidated financial statements and controlling since 1999. Our aim is to simplify your day-to-day processes with the help of our financial performance management software. Find out how simple consolidation, planning, and analysis can be.

LucaNet prevails as market leader in 2018 BARC FPM Score

In this age of digitalization and globalization, working in a faster, more agile, and more automated way is the name of the game. In the financial sector itself, financial performance management solutions are revealing themselves as promising additions to the field. With these solutions, you can represent all finance processes brought together under one roof and are able to get an overall view of your financial data. In this way, professional FPM software makes an essential contribution toward optimum corporate management, thereby enabling sustainable enterprise success.

Not just small and medium-sized enterprises, but also large international enterprises take advantage of comprehensive solutions offered by LucaNet when it comes to the preparation of consolidated financial statements, financial planning, reporting, and analysis. This has been confirmed by the latest BARC Score Financial Performance Management DACH analyst report. With its “Portfolio Capabilities” and “Market Execution” criteria, the score makes apparent the strength of the easy-to-implement and user-friendly comprehensive software solutions offered by LucaNet. Learn more about the comprehensive financial performance management solution offered by LucaNet by downloading the BARC score free of charge.

For the CFO of Tomorrow

The CFO of tomorrow faces the challenges of combining the core responsibilities of cost management, risk management, and cash flow with the development of their enterprise’s overall strategy. How do they adapt? LucaNet offers insight into the changing role of the CFO.

International Accounting – Must-Know Differences Between IFRS and US GAAP

The CFO of tomorrow faces the challenges of combining the core responsibilities of cost management, risk management, and cash flow with the development of their enterprise’s overall strategy. How do they adapt? LucaNet offers insight into the changing role of the CFO.

LucaNet achieves strong results in many important KPIs in The BARC Planning Survey 2017

The market for planning products is highly competitive. The Planning Survey 17 reveals the strengths and challenges for many of the leading vendors in the space and shows the advantages of LucaNet in comparison to other vendors. LucaNet’s Corporate Performance Management Solution achieved top marks in the categories of “Predefined data connections”, “Ease of use”, “Performance satisfaction”, and “Flexible planning solutions.”

The Planning Survey 17 is based on findings from a survey conducted by BARC from November 2016 to February 2017. 1,687 respondents from organizations worldwide answered detailed questions about their selection and use of planning software. The survey results compare 18 different planning, budgeting, and forecasting products across 22 criteria including business benefits achieved, project success, business value and planning functionality. For more information, visit www.bi-survey.com


Nearly every financial professional uses Excel daily to create financial reports, design long-term projects, and make critical business decisions. Excel is not without problems, though. This whitepaper gives an overview of the main bottlenecks of using Excel for your financial reporting and planning.


What will management reporting be like in the future? The experts at Lünendonk take a close, step-by-step look at this topic and deliver a range of theories.


How do you approach the impairment of assets according to IAS 36? What’s behind the term cash generating units, and how can the impairment of goodwill be tested?


This white paper summarizes all of the important fundamentals on the issue of target costing and clarifies its specific implementation.


This white paper will provide you with an overview of the essential modifications and effects resulting from the new standard for leasing.