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Why LucaNet

CFOs take advantage of these benefits

Reliable Data
One application for all the aspects of internal and external accounting/financial controlling (single point of truth)

Process Optimization
Increase automation across all processes, limiting the need for error prone manual interventions

Proven Security
KPMG certified for audit standard PS 880, ensuring compliance with all generally accepted accounting principles

Transparent Information
All changes to the financial data are easily identified and tracked, ensuring you adhered to even the most advanced corporate governance procedures

Optimize efficiency and productivity

Every monthly close should not be a monumental challenge, involving manual data collection and spreadsheet reconciliation. The accuracy and consistency of financial results should not be the biggest hurdle in the reporting process.

LucaNet automates the data collection process, including customizable checks, and report creation, ensuring timely and accurate completion. Additionally, we offer a state-of-the-art front end capable of performing most financial analysis, creating time for the Financial Department to act as a strategic business partner for the organization.

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Minimize compliance risks

The increasing complexity of national and international accounting standards are increasing the liability risks for CFOs and enterprises. You need to be able to prove that your accounting and financial reporting process is robust, and leaves little to no room for errors.

With LucaNet, you are relying on the market leader in financial controlling and consolidation. Our software offers robust workflow capabilities and is certified by KPMG for the Audit Standard PS 880 and ISAE 3000, ensuring it is compatible with all the principles of proper accounting. By using our software, you will reap the benefits of secure and transparent reporting.

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Develop a successful corporate strategy

If weeks are spent gathering and reporting data and reacting to ad-hoc questions from business managers, then you are not being the strategic partner your business needs. With LucaNet, you can make sure that you focus on the analysis of the data and the discussions with your business managers, by eliminating manual processes of data collection and reporting.

With the introduction of a single, financially intelligent, database containing your data, you can help determine and make reliable operative and strategic business decisions.

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Safeguard your company’s competitive edge

To be a successful organization you need to be faster than the competition. For the Finance Department, this means being able to gather the data faster, offering better analysis, and produce more accurate budgets. With the LucaNet solution, you will be able to do exactly that. Your reports will be delivered faster, with more efficiency and accuracy. Finally, your Finance Department will have the tools they need to act as a Strategic Business partner to your organization, ensuring the most advantageous business discussions are made.

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